Q & A: How to Start the New Year Positively


Hi. I was wondering if you had any tips to starts the new years on a positive note and if you had any suggestions on believing you will accomplish your new years resolution! Hope to hear from you soon!



It would be my pleasure to offer you some tips.

My first tip is to practice daily affirmations. So you might start off by stating out loud everyday in a space where you’re alone (like your car, or your bathroom), “I am ___ years old, I have…” and fill in the blanks at what you would like to be, what you would like to have accomplished, at any certain age. Giving specific time frames helps you attract your goals faster! Also, always add specifics, for example: I am X years old, I have X amount of dollars (specifics, lol), I live in ____ in my dream house.

My second tip would be to use the process of visualization while meditating. Envision your life exactly the way you’d like it to be. This is great because the mind doesn’t distinguish between what’s real life and what isn’t. It only responds to your thoughts. So you can enjoy the excitement of living your life the way you’d like it to be in your mind, and it feels real. This is also how you can get a great emotional vibe going, making you’re overall energy positive, therefore drawing in all that you desire at a quicker pace.

This brings me to my third tip: be passionate! When you’re passionate about anything, you draw in more of it at a quick rate, because passion is a heightened emotion, hence heightened energy. So if you’re feeling passionately hopeless, you will draw in more circumstances that make you feel intensely hopeless, and if you are feeling passionate about whatever it is you do in life, then you will draw in more great things like success, wealth and health.

My fourth tip is to act like you’re living the life of your dreams. If your goal is to be engaged, where a ring on your engagement finger. If you want more wealth, add things to your shopping cart online as if you could purchase them with ease. When you spend money, pretend like it is coming from an infinite supply, and don’t feel any loss from having spent it.

My last tip is to believe. Have unwavering faith in God’s generosity. Know that He loves you and wants you to have a great life. If you have weak faith and doubt, you can’t draw in any blessings.

Hope these tips help you have a great year and may this year bring you all that you desire :)


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