Q & A: How to Swallow Your Pride

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I have a major issue. I can't swallow my pride sometimes . I'm so stubborn. Help!


First of all, every human being has trouble swallowing their pride. It’s part of being human! But you’ve already completed the first step in controlling your pride, and that’s by recognizing it. You’ve been able to recognize that you have been prideful and stubborn. Once you can recognize your emotions, you can change them.

The four main emotions that all of our emotions stem from are love and trust, or fear and doubt. If you are acting out of fear and doubt, this mean that you are focusing on a fear and a doubt, and are on a negative energy frequency. You are releasing emotions of fear and doubt from your energy system, and drawing back in more of that. So once you are aware of this, you can simply choose to focus on love and trust. Write down as many blessings of yours that you can think of, and a chain reaction will begin. You’ll find blessings that you weren’t aware of. Then feel love. Start with your love for God, and your family members. Take control of your mind and focus only on your current and future blessings. Do not allow yourself to sink into fear and doubt.

The best way to get rid of fear is by facing it. Accept that whatever you fear can happen, but know that it hasn’t. That it still exists only as a fear. Know that even if your fear manifested, you would still have an amazing life with amazing blessings. Your life will still be amazing regardless.

With stubbornness, you have to remember that when you are stubborn, you are resisting and whatever you resist, you draw in more of. So you have to accept it and let it be. This is what brings you peace. You will feel so liberated the minute you let things be, and you will put yourself on a good energy frequency. Be like a tree that sways with the wind instead of standing stubbornly in its place.

Once you are able to let things be, you feel happier, you feel lighter in being, and you are able to focus on trust and love. You trust God, you know that he is taking you to amazing places in your life, and you love Him. As long as you remember how much you love God, how unconditional His love is for you, and that He is always with you, guiding you, teaching you, you have everything you need.

Also remember, that you will never ever be able to control other people. You have to let them be as well, and choose not to let others or their actions affect you or your well-being. Don’t allow your life to revolve around others and their actions towards you. Focus on you, your own goals, your own ambitions, and never tie your happiness and well being to another. You are a guided soul on your own journey to greatness, no matter what people say or do. And God is always taking you to great heights.

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