Q & A: How to Believe You Will Accomplish Your Goals

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Do you have any suggestions on believing you will accomplish your goals?


You are probably asking this question because when you attempt to affirm a positive thought to yourself, you feel what is called a natural subconscious resistance. For example, maybe you try to affirm: I am smart. And you feel an inner resistance. That’s your subconscious saying: No you are not smart, because you have maintained the thinking that you are stupid. So there are many ways to help you truly believe in these affirmations and goals.

1. The main thing you need to do in order to believe that you can accomplish your goal is by staying aware of your thoughts. Recognize when you are on a negative train of thought (your negative emotions will show you that your thoughts are negative), and bring your awareness back to your thoughts. Become aware of your doubts when you are doubting. By bringing awareness to your thoughts, you can begin to change them.

2. Retrain your mind by changing your prolonged negative way of thinking. And you can start by literally counting your blessings. Write down as many of your blessings as you can think of and literally count them. You will start a positive train of thought.

And if your subconscious tells you that you are dumb, force your mind to remember the times that you did or said something smart. This “reroutes the neurons in your brain so that you now have a new thought even subconsciously.” (Martha Beck). We can change the structure of our brains by observing our own thoughts. So once you start to focus on the smart things you have done, you’ll start to draw in more of the feeling of being smart and situations that make you feel smart.

Focus on the goal itself and do not allow yourself to sink into negative thoughts. You must have a strong control over your mind and emotions. Positive thoughts only. Do not think of the past or future unless they are good thoughts, and think of all the good things you have going for you now in this present moment.

3. Do not worry about how you will accomplish your goals and do not be discouraged by thinking about how you are going to accomplish your goals. Often times, we have trouble believing we can accomplish our goals simply because we are unable to see how these goals can come into being. It seems impossible. So my advice is to believe in the unseen. Millions of miracles happen to millions of people everyday. Anything can happen. Leave the how up to God. God always knows the shortest, quickest, most harmonious way to deliver your dreams to you.

4. Have unwavering faith (Lisa Nichols). Know for certain that your dreams are on their way to you. That God wants to and will bless you.

5. Believe that it’s already happened. I know this can feel like a lie often times but like anything else, it takes practice. Once you have maintained a prolonged negative way of thinking, it takes time and practice to retrain your thoughts. Know that you’ll never fully be able to control all of your thoughts, but as long as your thoughts are mostly positive, you are on the right track. You will also need to use affirmations, as well as afformations. An afformation is when you say an affirmation in the form of a question. Instead of saying: I am so wealthy, you’d say: Why am I so wealthy? It stimulates the mind because your mind immediately tries to answer this question, putting you on a positive train of thought.

6. Visualize. It helps you believe in the unseen. If you allow yourself to see it and feel it in your mind you will start to believe that it is possible for you.

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