15 Ways to Choose Happiness

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Almost everyone suffers from depression at some point in their lives. One common factor in the cause of depression is that most people think that they cannot be happy until they have accomplished their next goal. But what they fail to realize is that they can choose to be happy now, in the present moment.

How can we begin to choose happiness now and eliminate depression?

The answer is simple. By nourishing our spirits. I offer you these fifteen ways to choose happiness:

1. Think positive, healthy thoughts and remind yourself daily to be aware of your thoughts. They, along with your emotions, make up your energy system and your energy creates your reality. The way you perceive yourself as well as the world will be reflected back to you through your circumstances.

2. As you go through your morning routine, begin thanking God for your current and future blessings as if you already have them. For example, you might say: "Thank you God for my success." Feel the joy rising as if it were real.

3. On your way to work, if you hate your job, try not to think about how much you hate your job. Instead think of the one thing that would excite you most if you knew it was yours at this very moment. Try to keep reminding yourself of it throughout your day.

4. When you find that something or someone has upset you, first find a quiet place to sit and reflect. Take a walk if you have to. Recognize what is causing your suffering and stand in it.

Allow yourself to feel it and cry about it if you need to. Release the pain and take deep breaths.

5. Be flexible and let things be, in the same manner that a tree bends with the wind, rather than staying firmly in its place. Accept everything as it is, as your current reality. “What you resist, persists,” so be at peace with your reality, and be grateful for it.

6. Try eating something for lunch that has only been grown from the earth and has not been through any kind of processing. 

7. When you get home from work, lay down in the center of your space. Make sure there is an open window nearby so the sunlight can shine in. Place something soft under you if your floors are hard. Stretch out your arms and your body as far as you can. Feel the release. Bring your awareness to the present moment, to the energy radiating from your body and only that. Be still. Open your palms to your Lord. Be ready to receive.

8. Drink lots of water. Add some lemon to it, if you'd like. Take more deep breaths.

9. Become grateful for what you already have. Find a notebook and write down everything you can think of that is good in your life. Try to think of as many things as you can. Repeat daily.

10. Find everything in your house or apartment that no longer inspires you and get rid of it in one way or another. Sell it at a garage sale or to a consignment store. Give things away. Make space for the new things you love that will arrive soon.

11. Give someone something that makes them happy. Making a difference will make you happy too. Hint: it doesn’t have to be a physical thing.

12. Reflect as long and as hard as you can about all that you are passionate about until you figure out which of those passions makes you the happiest. Imagine yourself accomplishing great things through your passion. Know for certain that such things will happen. That God is on your side and will guide the way.

13. Become in your mind the person that you want to be—the person that you yourself would love and admire. Know that if it can be real in your mind, it can be real in your life too.

14. Forgive yourself and everyone else. Anyone who has ever hurt you was also suffering, and did not know any better.

15. Love everyone and everything unconditionally as God does for you and for everyone else. Trust that you are always being lead to something that is wonderful for you. Release that energy into the universe.

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