Lean in to Service

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We all tend to be so caught up in our own goals and thoughts that we forget how important it is to help and serve each other. We cringe when someone asks us for help, simply because we are so often unconsciously thinking of ourselves.

We forget how beautiful of a thing service is. The cyclical nature of it. The karmic effect of it. The harmony it brings to universe, and the long-term effects of it.

When someone is in need of our service, it is in everyone’s best interest to respond with providing that service, because not only are you serving others, but you are also serving yourself, God and the universe. By blessing others, you are also blessing yourself. You create a karmic vacuum that allows blessings to flow into your life. You create harmony in another’s life, in your own life and in the universe. Service is the ultimate act of reverence, and when done with intention, sends the strongest vibration of energy out into the universe: love. Once we put the energy of love out into the universe, we draw it into our own lives.

For example, when you give someone some form freedom, whether that be the freedom of time, the freedom of choice, or the freedom of space, you will receive your own freedom. But if you take someone else’s freedom, you will find yourself a slave to something or someone.

The reason why service can be difficult for us to do is because we tend to feel afraid to serve. We’re afraid of being taken advantage of. We’re afraid that our acts of service will go unappreciated. We’re afraid of feeling as if we are under others.

The best way to tackle these emotions is, of course, through a simple shift in our perspectives. We must change the way we usually think about service by clarifying and purifying our intentions. By beginning to understand that giving service is an act that should be completed without conditions. We should give, not for the purpose of receiving appreciation. The sun never expects to be appreciated for all the light it provides us with. The sun provides us with light without conditions, without holding back. It serves a purpose and completes that purpose despite our general indifference.

Because the sun is always aware of the bigger picture and the purpose it is serving. So strive to always be conscious that there’s always a bigger picture and you are playing a part in it. You are being of service in that bigger picture, in each moment, in each place or circumstance you find yourself. It might not seem like it at the time, but you will always be able to connect the dots when you look back.

However, the times we have the right to deny service is when we ourselves are in need of the service. When our cup is empty and we must fill it ourselves before we fill the cups of others. We cannot provide proper service when we are dying of thirst. We must be well enough to provide service.

Being of service does not mean that we have to give up our goals and desires. It’s a very simple concept. If you want to receive more, you must give. We can’t expect to receive without giving. It’s like saying: “God please give me—but I don’t want to give.” It’s selfish, you see. We think only of ourselves, when part of our life’s purpose is to serve each other. So anytime you are given the opportunity to help others, take it. If, every so often, you put someone else’s happiness before your own, you will find yourself blessed with more happiness and a great kind of freedom. So view all opportunities of service to others not simply as that but also an opportunity to receive good karma.

However, the service must be sincere. You must be consciously aware of your true intentions and try to serve with unconditional love. You must feel good about serving others and you must have an authentic desire to help. This is how you send out the energy of love and abundance.

So be proud of the people you have served and how you have affected them and their lives, no matter how big or small the act of service. Lean in to service and embrace it with unconditional love.

Imagine all the good karma coming your way for all the harmony and empowerment you have created for someone else. Now you will receive your own harmony and empowerment.

Think of how much you are giving. You are giving your time, you are giving aide and assistance. You are giving your availability. So give unconditionally, in the same way that God gives unconditionally.

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