How Meditating Helps

Since having a child, I find myself losing control of my thoughts as I go about my daily tasks, unable to complete a train of thought and constantly distracted. And while I know it is impossible to manage or account for over 50,000 thoughts a day, I seem to forget over and over again about the one thing that will benefit me the most:


There is simply no better, quicker way to get a hold of our thoughts than pure and simple, mediation. It immediately helps to settle our mind, body and spirit and puts us in a direct, instant connection with The Source—God. It’s silly how easily we forget the benefits of mediation when we find ourselves consumed by our struggles and challenges. We question again and again, every time we suffer, what should I do? The answer is always the same.

Go to The Source. Connect with The Source.

What is the fastest way to connect with The Source?


There is no higher frequency to connect with. You will find no greater power to connect with. None that can get you where you need to go faster. When your energy frequency (your goals, your desires, your entire being) collides with that of Your Lord, you create a space, a portal, an opening for your answers and your blessings to arrive. When we seek help, why not choose The Source of all Creation, The Source of all Abundance?

Meditation is believed to be a true form of prayer by many. This is why some of the most prominent leaders of ancient times practiced this incredibly beneficial ritual. Buddha, The Prophet Muhammad and Rumi all turned to meditating when they sought help. In more recent decades, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey and Phil Jackson have all used meditation for many purposes in their lives; it is a habitual practice for almost every outrageously successful person of our time. There’s a reason why successful people meditate: it is key when it comes to attracting your goals.

Meditation may also be the last step you’re missing in manifesting your desires. This is because when you meditate, you practice detachment. You detach yourself from the material realm and enter that of the spirit, where you transcend beyond thought. In other words, you must stop thinking and move into the gap of life where everything is still--beyond time and space; where everything simply exists. And while I always encourage the practice of positive thought, manifesting blessings into your life requires a balance, and those thoughts must be balanced with the absence of and transcendence beyond thought. Because if you continue to only think about and feel the need and want for your desires, you are still on the frequency of lacking; you are still emitting the energy that you do not have what it is you are seeking and this is where detachment during meditation becomes very important. When you meditate, you detach from your desires and goals. And although you have been putting out the energy of your desires, what is left is to detach. Again you need this balance between desire and detachment.

Why is that? Because when you meditate, you are also connecting with the frequency of abundance, which means you are connecting with God and His energy of abundance. Even more so, you become abundance, and that is the ultimate way to bring abundance in, whether that is an abundance of love, health or wealth. When you detach and connect with God, you emit the strongest form of abundance in your connection with The Source of abundance. In other words, you emit the energy of having. When you detach, you also connect with all other positive frequencies—of trust and peace, and this gives off the feeling that you are in a state of contentment no matter the circumstances. This is how connecting with The Source becomes the door you open in which your blessings will come through. Your meditation opens that door. And this is why meditation can often be the last step you’re missing in manifesting your desires. You will see that after practicing meditation regularly, your blessings will increase. Again, this has worked for many of the most highly successful individuals of our time.

Which brings me to the last question…

How do I meditate?

Your main focus when approaching meditation must be to remove yourself from all thought and to be with The Source. Meditation can be as simple as focusing only on your breath (inhaling and exhaling) and nothing else. Deep breaths are the only tools you really need. A few other notes to remember before approaching meditation:

  1. Remember you are, as Deepak Chopra puts it: “slipping into the gap between thoughts.” You are connecting with pure being and only that.

  2. You have clear intentions of your desires and goals prior to approaching your meditation session.

  3. You detach from all of your thoughts, goals and desires; you turn off your mind and leave all that behind as you enter the gap.

  4. You leave the details to the hands of Your Creator. In doing so, you must emit an energy of complete trust and faith in His All Encompassing Capacities. You must know with absolute certainty that He will get you where you want to go. This practice of detachment and surrender immediately removes the energy of stress from your being and allows the flow of the right kind of energy you need to enter your being. In leaving the details, or “the how” to God, you create a space for the answers you really are needing to arrive, as well as, a space for His Divine Guidance to come through. You may then be guided to where you want or need to go.

It may also benefit you to attend courses on meditation and research further on how to properly meditate as well.

Warmest Regards,


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