New Year's Letter

A great way to start the new year positively is to write yourself a thank you letter. A letter detailing the life you want to be living right now & thanking God for it as though it were already here. Write the date, the timeline you give yourself, for example 6 months to a year from now, or whatever time frame is easier for you to believe in. Pick a date that is significant for you. But it must be written in the present tense. Begin by saying:

It is January first, 2020, and I am living in my dream home..I have X amount of money...I am in Spain/France/Cuba...I have booked my trip to...I am pregnant...I am engaged...I am financially free...

You fill in the blank.

What would you like next year to look like? What would your dream version of next year look like? What would make you the happiest right now? What would make your life the easiest right now? Now make it happen for yourself by reading this letter every morning when you wake up and every night before you sleep. The fastest way to reach your subconscious is in the morning and at night because those times are nearest to the time that we sleep, and our subconscious goes to work while we sleep. Once it’s in your subconscious, you’re very close to getting in alignment with the vibrational frequency you’ll need.

Even if you’re unable to feel like it’s real for you right now, do it anyway. If you forget in the morning or at night, read it as many times as you can during the day. Speak it out loud into existence until it becomes true for you. The more you say it, the more you will feel it, and the more it will become believable for you.

The way to accomplish manifestation the fastest is by visualizing. Visualizing is how you create the feeling of having it now and how you blur the lines between the present and future; it’s how you get in alignment with the frequency you need. The more you live in it, relish in it, truly feel the joy of it, the closer and closer you get to the frequency you need to align with. If your emotions are passionately happy and you’re on a real high, you will get there fast.

Edit it until it’s perfect and reading it fills you with excitement and joy and relief. The right language will always trigger you with right emotion. Make your letter your life until it turns you into a magnet of manifestation. Go back to your vision of this life in your letter as often as you can, until your visions become your reality. Carry it with you wherever you go. Read it every time you feel yourself spiraling down. If someone upsets you, go back to your letter. No one can create your happiness for you except you. No one is responsible for your happiness except you. And your happiness is in your letter. Your letter will help you forgive and forget all who upset you. Your letter is where you have to live in your mind until it becomes your reality. The more you are in this letter, the faster this life will manifest for you.

Add (to your letter) that you deserve this for all the kindness that you have been showing to everyone in your life. For all that you do for everyone in your life. The more kindness & love you show, the better karmic effect you create for yourself, and the more you open yourself up to receive.

End your letter with, Thank You God, Thank You God, Thank You God.

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