"Needing Nothing, Attracts Everything."

Is there something you’ve been wanting to have in your life for what feels like a really long time, and it still hasn’t showed up for you? Are you waiting on this experience to bring you that elated feeling you’ve been dying to feel? Are you waiting for this event to bring you happiness?

I’m very happy to report that you don’t need to wait for this moment to arrive in order to achieve satisfaction and joy. I can assure you that the possibilities for your ambitions to become reality are so great, but first, you’ll need to learn to find all the perfection and satisfaction within your life now, in the power and beauty of this present moment, despite your current circumstances. If you don’t practice and teach yourself this skill, no external event or experience will ever bring you the feelings you seek. The only way to find this experience is to start by changing yourself from within.

The common issue here is that you’re giving off a “need” frequency. This means that the energy frequency that your body is signaling out into the universe right now is one of the old you, the you that doesn’t know what it feels like to have that thing that you’ve been wanting, whether it be financial freedom, love, marriage or success. The good news is that finding and feeling these positive emotions is a skill that you can learn and practice just like any other.

What happens within us when we experience this need emotion is that we repetitively and unconsciously feel the lack of what it is that we want. We feel an intense desire for it, therefore the absence of it. We feel like we don’t have it and we want it desperately right now in order to feel happy. In association with that need feeling, it creates a subconscious lack of trust in life and in The Almighty.

This need feeling creates a block from manifesting our desires. It means that we’re putting out the wrong vibrational frequency for receiving, therefore we’re not receiving. We’re vibrating the lack of or absence of what it is we’re seeking. This creates the same experience of the need for it, the delay of it, day after day, experiencing the same emotions cyclically and repetitively, therefore blocking our desires from showing up in our lives. So, how do we stop feeling the need?

We’ve got to feel like we already have it.

Then the challenge becomes, how do we feel like we already have it?

The most powerful way to create this feeling is by meditating. Meditation can create this feeling for you! When you meditate, you disconnect yourself from your current reality and your current personality, what Dr. Joe Dispenza calls: “The Familiar Self.” As you disconnect from this reality, you are cleansing your mental slate, making way for new, empowering subconscious thoughts. Our subconscious mind controls 95% of our daily habits and life through a programmed autopilot system, so it’s very important that we access the subconscious mind, or the theta state of mind, through meditation and change the way we think, therefore changing our personalities and changing ourselves from within. The theta state of mind is the door into the subconscious mind. The more you practice meditation, the cleaner your mental slate, the more you are able to create a healthier, happier mindset, healthier life habits and healthier, happier life circumstances. (You can also access your theta state of mind in the morning as you wake up and at night right before you sleep. It’s key to practice positive thinking, affirmations, meditations/mental rehearsal at these times of day in order to reprogram the subconscious mind. In other words, it is key to control your mind at these times of day.)

Another great and very important thing about meditation is that it brings you to the power of the present moment. The present moment brings you serenity, satisfaction and contentment; it allows you to forget about what happened five minute ago, five months ago, or five years ago. No longer will you be depressed about the past or worry about what might happen in the future. It gives you the power and control over your wandering mind, which is the ultimate key to happiness. But the most important point here is, when you meditate, you eliminate the need feeling as well as the lack of trust. When you meditate, you no longer feel the need for anything, because your awareness is only in the satisfaction, peace and freedom of the present moment. A mind in the present moment holds all the power—the power to heal, the power to trust and the power to cleanse the body and mind. These are also the same reasons why salat and dua are so crucial to our well-being. When we pray and we lay our heads down on the ground, that contact of the head meeting the ground, sheds negative ions from our mind and provides a healing release. Salat brings our awareness to The Almighty and His miraculous capabilities. Five times a day, we are reminded of His Greatness in order to stay mindful, in order to remember that when we have His Grace, we are in need of nothing. This is why we are required to pray 5 times a day. Not because The Almighty is in need of our worship—He is above human emotions like need, but because we are in need of His healing. Because we need Him in order to stay centered, in order to stay present and in peace.

There is a really important reason why the prophet Muhammad(PBUH) sought refuge in his cave, and it is one of the greatest examples he left behind for us. He knew the importance of clearing your mind and re-centering yourself and would go into his cave and meditate regularly. The lesson he gave us here is that we all need a cave of our own to go into regularly, and find clarity, peace and happiness within ourselves. When you meditate, you surrender to The Almighty and allow yourself to trust fully in The Almighty; you allow yourself to know with unwavering faith that He is guiding you through each moment, that He is constantly delivering everything to you, as you witness the power of the present moment. Practicing this affirmation can help you create that feeling:

“I trust that Allah is guiding me through each moment, to the best decisions and the best outcomes.”

The subconscious thought here that is keeping us from manifesting our desires is the thought: I don’t have what I need. Our perception of our life is that we are lacking in something. We sometimes have many limiting beliefs that are grounded into our subconscious minds and our daily habits. This means that we have to change many of our perceptions about life and essentially change our personalities in order to be able to open ourselves up to receive and allow our blessings to come through. The limited belief in this circumstance is: “I don’t have everything I need and I cant be happy until I have A,B and C.” But that is not true. We don’t have to wait for those experiences to feel happy. In fact, many people arrive at their desired destinations, and find themselves feeling much of the same emotions. This is because they haven’t learned how to practice happiness in the beauty of the present moment. The truth is, we can all be happy now, despite our circumstances, despite not having A,B and C and that’s where the secret lies. When you learn to feel those exciting, positive emotions, no matter the circumstances, you attract everything you want into your life. Otherwise, if you don’t master this skill, no event or thing will give you the true happiness that you seek. You must learn to be happy within first, otherwise no external circumstance can create that happiness for you.

Just like physical exercise, or mastering a sport, mindset work and happiness takes practice. Being present and mindful takes practice; it takes mental exercise, practicing until you ground it as a habit in the subconscious habit mind, in the same way you learned to walk, in the same way you learned your ABC’s and how to drive a car. Now you can do them all without consciously thinking about them, and the same is possible for changing the negative programs that were installed in your mind many years ago. The more you practice it, the more you carry the power of the present moment with you as you go along. This allows you to become conscious of the habits and actions you’ve been practicing regularly that are not serving you, which then allows you to change yourself from within, to a version of yourself that will take you to greater heights.

A very important trick that you can add to your meditation is visualization or mental rehearsal. This is when you imagine or daydream about having what it is that you seek. Once you are deep into your meditation and have mastered quieting the mind, begin to imagine what it would be like to experience this event or object that you seek. Prior to meditating/visualizing, brainstorm and ask yourself the important questions: What would it feel like to have this event manifest in my life? Why do I want it? What feelings will this create for me?

What words would you hear? What sounds? What would it feel like to touch? Try to incorporate as many of the five senses as you can in order to make it feel as real as possible in your mind. The important thing is that it feels real and that it creates the feelings for you that you desire to experience. Write down your answers in a journal and remember them to help you keep your focus. This creates more energy around the subject and a higher vibrational frequency. Experiencing and rehearsing it in the mind might be even better than the real life version of it. Either way, the mind and the body cant tell the difference between reality and what’s going on in the mind and body. The greatest benefit of it all is that, by practicing it mentally, you’re drawing it you and it will manifest in your life, because you are vibrating that energy.

What is so beneficial about meditating is that, once you experience all these great emotions in your meditations, you find that satisfaction that you’ve been seeking for so long and you no longer have to go searching for it throughout your day, in distractions, addictions and bad habits. The same triggers that normally put you down a spiral everyday wont trigger you anymore, because you prioritized meditating at the start of your day. It’s essential to meditate when you wake up in the morning, so that you can carry that state of being with you for the rest of your day. You will find yourself reacting and responding differently, in a more positive way, to all the same situations and circumstances that recur in your life. But the main point is that it eliminates the feeling of the need or the lack of and gives us that high that were constantly in search of. Meditation and mental rehearsal gives us the state of being and feeling like we already have what we need and is a great way to feel like you already have something you desire. If you go there in the mind, you will find that satisfaction that you seek.

Another key way to eliminate the need feeling is by staying in a state of gratitude. How do I do that? Begin by being grateful for the things in your life that already give you the elevated feelings that you seek to feel. Write them down in a gratitude journal and have record of them in order to refer back to them and find that feeling again. Focus on the things in your life that have already created this feeling for you. Brainstorming on the feelings that you’re in search of is key and putting them on paper gives you that clarification that you need. Once you’ve done this, you can start being grateful for the blessings that haven’t arrived yet, and for the things you’ve asked Allah for. He’s got your back, He’s on your side, and He will come through for you. Be so confident in His Grace and Mercy that you thank Him ahead of time, thereby “living in the emotions of your future,” as Dr. Joe Dispenza puts it.

The Almighty says in surat Ibrahim:

“If you are grateful, I will surely grant you more and more.” (Ibrahim 14:7)

The Quran makes it plain and clear: the more you stay in a state of gratitude, the more you make way for more blessings to come through in your life.

All of these methods will help you eliminate the feeling of a need and lack of. So become aware of the needs that you are living in, and take control of those thoughts and feelings. Begin “living in the emotions of your future,” and do it as often as you can make time for.

Like mastering anything, it takes repetition and practice to get these new thoughts and emotions into the subconscious mind and body. You’ve got to be feeling good more than you feel the negative emotions and habits of the “familiar self,” of the “familiar past,” that keep us in our limbos. You have to “become greater than your environment, greater than your body, and greater than time.” (Dr. Joe Dispenza). That is key.

If you stay in the power and beauty of the present moment as often as you can, you’ll see that “needing nothing, attracts everything.” -Russell Simmons

Once you surrender the need for what it is you seek, it starts making its way to you, little by little, and sometimes a lot by a lot. So remind yourself daily by saying it out loud:

“Alhamdulilah (Thanks Be to God), I have everything I need.”

The more you say it, the more you speak it into existence. But I promise you, it’s already true.

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